7 ways to use your pergola or pergotenda
Did you think about it?

Who would not like to own a quiet place to enjoy the outdoor without being burned by the sun or wet by the rain?

Have you ever thought about a ‘shelter’ for your balcony, terrace or garden?

Here it is! This article talks exactly about the perks a structure like this could offer you and about how you can exploit it, alone or together.


  1. PROTECTION FROM THE SUN: no one likes to get cooked by the summer sun and getting the skin burned. We all love to spend some time outdoor, but with the comfort a well-protected area can offer us. Thank to the arbours or similar, you can stay outside without having to burn and avoiding that humid weather.
  2. PROTECTION FROM THE RAIN: ‘too much sun’ is not the only enemy for the outside lovers. Rain too is. Sometimes is not so cold you have to stay inside, and owning an area you can live in while the rain drops fall from the roofs and gutters may be suggestive too. To not talk about how useful it is to leave your clothes there to get dry or the children’s stuff!
  3. A PLACE TO RELAX IN: many researches talk about how important it is to relax. Having a moment to drink a coffee, to sit and read a good book, to swing while watching the sky, to chat with your partner or friend… A porch, or something similar, are the ideal solutions to create special niches, to furnish it as we prefer, and to taste that little moments of peace without having to be closed inside your house.
  4. LOWER TEMPERATURE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE: an external structure not only represents protection, but also helps to keep a lower temperature inside your house. The rooms will maintain fresh and shaded, blocking the direct strong and hot light during the summer, which is not so pleasant when the sun is high in the sky.
  5. DINNERS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: well, this is one of the most popular point. Everyone thought at least once about how cool it would be to having the possibility to have dinner outside during the hot season. Just like when we go out in summer and we look for some restaurant with some tables outside. That is exactly what we can do when we own a porch, with the additional perk of being able to use it with our friends, family, relatives, or to have an intimate dinner with the partner. We can also add some lights and organize birthday parties. A well-organized outdoor space has no equals!
  6. AN ADDITIONAL ROOM WITH THE SIDE CLOSURES: by closing the structure using PVC, (transparent or darkening), you will actually add a room to your house. A room you can exploit for everything you’ll be into: fitness, drying area, greenhouse, living room, smoking room, relax zone, tv zone, playing zone, and so on.
  7. YOU CAN USE IT UNTIL NOVEMBER COMES: a retractable cover or a structure with adjustable slats can be used throughout the year. But if you install the PVC closures you can actually consider it an added room from the beginning of the Spring to the endo of the Autumn, exploiting all the perks this room can offer you, including the fact that it actually protect you also from strong winds.



Do not postpone!

The right moment to build a structure like that is NOW!

Postponing only wastes your time. Precious time, you could instead use to enjoy your friends or family!

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Enjoy your outdoor life!