bioclimatic pergolas
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The wood porches are an evergreen, but during the last years they were more and more replaced by the aluminum ones, of all colors and shapes.

They are light, elegant structures mixing the latest technologies to the cutting-edge architectonic systems. In contrast to the permanent porches, the bioclimatic ones are made of aluminum sunblind manually or automatically adjustable by remote.

The main perk is to be able to choose the inclination you prefer, so that you efficiently stop the sunlight and the wind. 

In case of rain, the roof closes completely, interlocking together with a mild slope level, so that the water can fall down.

The dimensions of these structures are variable and can be also installed on a pre-existing structure, fitting every type of architecture.

You can install some tents or side-windows on some types of bioclimatic structures, allowing the total closure of the area and letting you enjoy it also if it rains or it is cold.


These porches can be installed as self-supporting structures or can be attached to existing walls.

The drainpipe is usually included in the side frames, so that they do not affect the esthetic.

To fulfill everyone’s need and tastes, the aluminum structures are available in different colors.

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