jacuzzi in winter
Relaxing in your own SPA during the cold season!

For a lot of persons the Jacuzzi is something to enjoy during summer or warm days.

Anyway there are more and more persons exploiting it throughout the year and, just like the Nordic tradition, many of them state that during the winter is exactly the moment when they need it and enjoy it the most.

It is undeniable that watching your Jacuzzi smoking during the winter is kind of tempting!

Imagine the steam slowly coming up from the water of a beautiful outdoor Jacuzzi, during the cold season or while it snows, and just think about you diving into the hot, relaxing water of YOUR Jacuzzi, after a hard-working day or during your day off. A cup of hot chocolate or a drink you like, and the sky just above you… how does it sound?

It is useless to deny it, during the winter all that is warm and hot has a special appeal. During the summer season people of course prefer to refresh themselves instead of warming them up, but at the end of a long and cold winter day it is just awesome the idea of a great, relaxing hot bath, isn’t it?



In addition to the satisfaction of diving into a Jacuzzi, you can’t forget all the healthy perks the hydrotherapy offers.

In fact, to use a Jacuzzi during the winter season can strengthen your body, make you feel better and improve your lifestyle!

Let’s check some of the perks of owning a Jacuzzi during the winter season.:.

  1. When it is cold it is easier to have tied muscles and to feel pain in your joints. A long bath in your Jacuzzi will immediately make you feel relaxed and will have a benefic effect on all your muscles, not to mention the mental health.
  2. Winter is the typical season characterized by flu and temperature. Using the hydro-massage during the winter may help to sweat out some toxins going around in your body. If you start feeling your head and body cold, a warm bath can do nothing but make you feel better!
  3. It is possible to train into the water. Stretching and moving your body under the water (if you want to, also with small weights) allows you to work on your muscles and joints, also exploiting the nozzles pushing out air. IN this way the Jacuzzi becomes a tool for your wellness, not only a passive good.
  4. It is also perfect for athletes. The great benefits of the hydrotherapy-massage are perfect for those people into sports. They can take advantage of it after trainings to relax their muscles.
  5. Having fun with your family and friends. Often during the winter you don’t know what to do, and how to spend your time, considering that is cold and people are not so much into hanging out. Thanks to your spa you’ll have the possibility to invite them to your place and enjoy it with your family or friends, relaxing and chatting while diving into the hot water.
  6. Spice up your relationship. To dive into the Jacuzzi with your partner may be a great occasion to find back that intimate couple complicity or to relax and break away from the daily duties, taking a moment for you and you only.


What do you have to do if you use the Jacuzzi during the winter?

One of the main risks of using it during the winter is the freezing of the water into the pipes due to the temperatures.

  • Always check if your Jacuzzi comes with a protection system against freezing or an automatic heating control unit.
  • A high quality cover is fundamental for reduce the energetic wastes during the winter; you can also use a thermo-cover under the main cover to contribute maintaining the water warm. The goal is to keep the water temperature as steady as possible. It is in fact way more convenient to keep the water warm instead of letting it become cold to heat it up again when needed. It is also very difficult that a Jacuzzi, if constantly heated up, could stop working due to the cold temperatures.
  • Regularly check the water level in the Jacuzzi, especially if you do not use it every day. If the level goes down too much, the general and heating pumps could stop working properly.
  • On top of that, remember to turn off the air pumps, if you have them, when the Jacuzzi is not used. They push cold air in the water and the necessary energy to heat up the water therefore increases.

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For further information on Jacuzzis and on how to use your private spa, contact us!

And enjoy your outdoor life!