pergolas and verandas consluting
Simple and effective


My consulting service is special for one reason only: I have many, many years of experience.

As you may know, our company was founded 60 years ago, and as time passed by we learned to know all the issues and problems related to this field.

During my consulting service I simply offer the prospects these information and ‘wisdom’ giving the best advices, suggesting the best alternative solutions if necessary and finding the best ideas where it seems impossible to find a way through.



The very first thing you have to do is to know something about the products: porches, verandas, and so on… To know their characteristics, materials, costs. 

To know these things you just need to download our  Free Book if you haven’t already done it.

Once you have an idea of what you would like to do and of its costs, you can call us to book an appointment with me, where we are going to go deeper into the topic, we will check together some pictures about your area, we will check the details and so on...

We fulfilled the needs and desires of 15.000 customers. 15.000!!!

You too can rely on this precious and valuable tool. It is enough to take your phone and give us a call.

And enjoy your outdoor life!