autumn winter outdoor solutions
Here’s what we propose for the cold season

As the autumn comes, we have to face the rain season. If you still haven’t installed something to cover and protect your front door, window, terrace, patio, or anything similar and facing your garden, then you can take advantage of the advices we wrote down for you.


This is a covering system made by a darkening water-proof cover/fabric sliding on dedicated rails pulled by a toothed belt.

It is possible to install it on every kind of porch, in aluminum or wood or whatever may be the pre-existing construction, included just two walls.

Thanks to this solution you can cover up the desired area in case of rains, sun and, thanks to the retractable cover, you can open it up and enjoy the natural light.

It is available in different colors.



A cheaper alternative compared to the retractable one, is the permanent PVC cover. Also in this case it is possible to choose among different colors and fabrics: darkening, water-proof, 3 layers and resined.


We’re talking about permanent or adjustable aluminum sunblind, capable of protecting you from sun and rain. They can be overlapped by tilting them on main self-supporting structures or on pre-existing walls.

The opening of the bindings can be done automatically or manually.



The porch is a everlasting classic structure, made of natural or colored wood, capable of protecting you from sun, rain and snow.

It is a traditional structure, highly esthetical. It goes perfectly along with both traditional and modern/minimal buildings.

Reading, chatting, having lunch or dinner are some of the most pleasant things you could do when staying home with your relatives or friends.



The door canopy is a little structure built for providing protection from bad weather in proximity of doors or windows. It can be made of different materials and shapes.

Let’s examine the two main types: the wooden and aluminum, glass or polycarbonate ones. The first type are the most classic ones and can be attached to wood or iron supports. The second ones have a light and linear design, usually thought for modern houses.



The permanent structures always make airspace, including awnings.

The porch covers and the sunblind usually do not make airspace as they’re not permanent, but this may change depending on your commune. We suggest you to consult your trusted surveyor or to contact us considered our great experience with the municipalities of this region.

In any case, for all of these structures, are usually mandatory some municipal permits.


The cold season is coming!

You can immediately build the structure you need, without postponing it!

Come visit us for every question you may have. We will offer you the best consulting service.

And enjoy your outdoor life!