ice parlor lido di fermo
'Pelacani' in Lido di Fermo relied on Girotti to renew his historical shop

This modern, refined and elegant structure was built in Lido di Fermo, for Gelateria Pelacani, founded in 1929.

They relied on us to renew their old location, making it more functional and modern and to welcome the customers in a fresh, brand-new environment.



An intense designing commitment was required. It was perfectly fulfilled in collaboration with the Architect Carlo Valentini (Fermo).

Many issues needed to be solved, such as the too low level of the porch area, solved using curved beams, which allowed us to give more air to the environment. The purple and green colors contributed to liven up the shop and to make it fresh and vibrant.




The job consisted of building 3 structures, in white glulam wood with gloss paint. They went for white color, as it gives to the shop more brightness.

For the main entrance they decided to go for a structure with adjustable slats, allowing the owner to decide the level of brightness, and to protect the clients from the rain. On the sides we left the area opened, but classic-porch style. The dark green bushes fights with the white pillars, making its modern shape outstand.




On the sides of the structure we built two permanent-roof areas, closed on their own sides, using sliding doors on one of them and glass doors on the other. The outcome is very elegant, modern and bright.



A little open-area next to the structure was better exploited thanks to the white seats and the massive umbrella, which casts shadow on the whole place.


Eating the delicious Pelacani’s ice cream in such a beautiful environment is now even more pleasant!



It is crucial to rely on professionals working with criteria, looking for the details and using specific techniques. To find the best solutions and to achieve the best of the outcomes is not something everybody does.

If you too desire to build a structure for your outdoor space, whether you are a private or a business owner, contact us now!

And enjoy your outdoor life!