veranda to live in
A project signed by Girotti

We already talked about the technical and esthetical characteristics of Winter Garden in another of our articles.

Today we are going to talk about one of our jobs.


The structure has been built on the back of the house, exploiting the garden.

The light color of the white wood beautifies the environment making it bright, almost ethereal.

The roof is a window looking up to the sky, awesome to admire during both days and nights.


The big sliding windows let you close the area and fully live it also during the cold season, with a stove maybe. On the other hand, during the hot months it is possible to partially or fully open the window, letting air and light come in with no filters.




The furnishings have been chosen with taste, without penalize the usability and the daily needs of the family.

Big potted citrus trees and various other trees mix up together with the wonderful garden, looking like they come inside the house, representing the continuum of the house itself.


Contiguous to the veranda we find a white wood porch, which gives continuity to the whole structure, following the total length of the wall on the back of the house.

The beauty and the added space a Winter Garden can offer you has no equals. Something unique and customizable depending on how you want to use it and on your personal tastes.



If you too are looking for an added area for your house, full of light and beauty, then contact us! A Winter Garden is what you need!

See you soon, and enjoy your outdoor life!