The elegance and comfort of aluminum

We are in the inland of Le Marche, in the province of Macerata, in a quiet place surrounded by a green environment.

Just in front of a magnificent bio-designed house, we built this wonderful, modern structure using white aluminum, which goes along perfectly with the house’s style.





Since always considered a furnishing element, useful for the outdoor space, the porch allows you to create a unique area.

This structure, mixing design and technology, was built using 4 white-aluminum L-shaped building blocks, with adjustable slats allowing the owner to adjust the brightness and breeze depending on their angle, creating in the inside of the porch the ideal conditions for different tastes.

In case it rains, the slats get closed, while the water are gathered in perimeter gutters included in the structure, ensuring a full protection. 

To every block has been added a LED illumination system whose color always change, making the night hours very suggestive.

For more privacy and protection from wind and rain, the blocks were also provided of retractable perimeter closures integrated in the structure.

The minimal design of this porch donates elegance and linearity to the structure itself, also thanks to the absence of visible fixing elements







Its location, just next to the pool, allows the owners to exploit the outdoor space at its best, also allowing them to use it before and after a good swim.

The use of the porch zone has been organized and divided into two different parts: the part closest to the pool as a relax zone, with sofas, sunbeds and so on; on the opposite part instead we can find chairs and tables, to be used for having dinner, parties or whatever activity with family or friends may be planned.




As professional with 30 years of experience we are capable of install high quality structures and of outstanding thanks to our professionalism and expertise, something you can hardly find out there in this field. 

If you desire to create an elegant, top-notch outdoor area, contact us now! We will be happy to serve you.

And enjoy your outdoor life!