self-watering systems


self-watering systems

If you are a do-it-yourself lover, building an irrigation system will not be difficult. With a little will and the help of our advice, you will finally have YOUR automated self watering system!


- A green and lush garden
- Little effort
- Irrigation even in periods when you are not at home

There are no limits to the type of system you can make, from drop to spray.

Among the most practical and useful systems there are those for balconies and terraces, very popular for the periods when you go on vacation as they allow you to not have to worry about watering plants when you are absent. The system provides small tubes that run behind the jars and which carry water in them, also programmable with convenient timers. In this way you can adjust the water supply according to the season and the needs of the plants.

Do not forget that we are always available to give you assistance and advice both during and after installation!

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