Above-ground Pools


The soft or rigid above-ground pool is a product that allows you to enjoy the regenerating and refreshing power of water during the summer months at an affordable price.

  • It doesn't need permits
  • It doesn't need large spaces
  • It's easy to install
  • It can also be placed in small gardens

Very appreciated by children who can have fun and play with their friends, but also by adults who take the opportunity to cool off when the heat is strong.

Our soft pools are professional ones and can not be found in department stores. The materials are very resistant and have a typically Italian design, very nice also from an aesthetic point of view. You can also choose the color you prefer, for a cheerful and sunny touch in your outdoor space.

The above-ground professional pools are available in various sizes and offer performances very similar to those of a real inground pool.

NOTE: Our company only works whitin Marche Region.

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