Mini Pools

Mini Pools

mini pools

For decades we have created wellness corners for homes, sports centers and wellness centers, where you can relax and regenerate, enjoying the spiritual, mental and physical benefits of hydrotherapy.

The hot tub in particular is an element ever more present in today's homes, used both inside the house and outdoors to relax after a tiring day or in free time, even in the coldest months.

In fact, more and more people use the SPA during Winter, alternating the hot bath with a cold shower or even with "snow baths", just as they do in northern Europe, to activate the circulation and obtain a great physical and mental wellbeing.

Also as regards the accommodation facilities such as Hotels, B&Bs, Agritourisms and Wellness Centers, the hot tub is now one of the most sought after and appreciated element by customers.

NOTE: Our company only works whitin Marche Region.

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