iadeas for terrace and garden
That extra corner!

Have you ever asked yourself how to use at its best your balcony, patio or rooftop during the winter seasons? Or how to make of your outdoor area a private cozy corner?

Here you can find some options.



This type of closing, automatic or manual, has a clean and esthetic design. It allows you to make a room out of your balcony, terrace, patio and so on, protecting them from cold temperatures, wind, snow, rain…

In this way you’re allowed to fully exploit your outdoor place also during the winter season, and when spring or summer come you can open it up bak.

Depending on the desired function, the pergola can be built fully transparent, shading, darkening or mosquito-net style.

It is also possible to install them attached to already existing walls.






Classic and never out of fashion, the wooden gratings are especially useful to create a private area and, with some climbing trees, to help partially protecting you from wind and cold.

They adapt themselves to every environment and can be used in various ways: to divide two zones of an outdoor space, to delimitate an area, to have a better privacy.

They come in different colors and can be installed to look classic or modern and can also be beautified with flowers, vases and iron/steel arches.




As the word underlines itself, it is a system used to break the wind. It can be used in the terrace or in the garden to protect your flowers and trees.

It also can be installed to assure you some extra privacy.

If you own a big garden you can also use it as fence, pulling together the panels.




If you took into account one or more than one of these solutions for your outdoor space and you need for a specialized consulting service, then rely on the pros.

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Enjoy your outdoor life!