Winter Gardens

winter Gardens

winter gardens

A winter garden is a real extension of the home that is projected towards nature outside while making you feel protected in the privacy of your home.

The structures are made of recyclable aluminum or wood and, thanks to the thermal break system, they can also offer a high degree of insulation which helps to keep warm in Winter and cool in Summer, with an equally high degree of soundproofing.

The products are all modular and interchangeable with each other, allowing you to design an infinite number of shapes and types of environments.

The aluminum, which can be produced in a wide range of colors (also different between interior and exterior), allows the building to be integrated with the surrounding environment and with the furniture chosen by the customer.

Both the roof and the walls can be equipped with various sun protection systems (both partial and total), manual or motorised.

NOTE: Our company only works whitin Marche Region.

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