side blinds for pergolas and outdoor
The new hermeticals suitable for wood and aluminum!

How many times you asked yourself how to exploit your patio, terrace or piece of garden also during the winter?

We have to say that to enjoy the outdoor space in winter and autumns is possible, using a highly efficient system, functional and not even so expensive: the PVC side closures.

Let’s make it clear: these hermetical closures are not the same thing as the marquees with rings or laces that, let’s say it, are horrible talking about their esthetic and look so old.

These vertical tents we offer are very elegant and they are a high quality product, and they are almost invisible when closed.

What are the characteristics of these closures? Let’s find them out together!



  • Stain-resistant fabric, UV-resistant, stable, non-stretchable, available in different color and textures (transparent, darkening, mosquito-net and so on…)
  • Aluminum slides and box, components in stainless steel
  • Telescopic slides adjustable if not aligned
  • Wind resistance tests up to 49 km/h
  • Side zips to avoid the spillage of the fabric
  • Manual or automatic closure system



The usages of the PVC closures are many, both during summer and winter.

By closing a balcony or porch, for instance, you can add a space to your house for drying your clothes, to put your trees, to relax and read or to chat with your friends.

The environment is heated by a stove or similar, the area can also be used by your children to play some games, to organize a dinner or a lunch with your family or relatives or maybe to make up a birthday party.

A closed area can also be used as storage room for various tools and objects during the winter season.

But also during summer these closures are so useful! In fact, it may always happen a rain day or a windy one… Thanks to these closures you can stay safe and protect your outdoor space with no problems!

There are plenty of ways to exploit your garden, terrace or porch. It is up to you!






These types of closures usually start at 700 Euro, but it depends on dimensions and number of closures needed.

The automatic closing system adds to the final price about 230/250 euro.

If you desire to exploit your outdoor also during the cold season or to protect yourself form wind and rain also during summer, contact us at the number on our website.

And enjoy your outdoor life!