Bioclimatic Pergola: The art of living Outdoors with style and sustainability

bioclimatic pergola Civitanova Marche
Our installation in Civitanova Marche

In a quiet townhouse, away from the urban chaos, we have created a bioclimatic pergola on a spacious balcony.

The modern and eco-friendly structure, made from recyclable aluminum, perfectly matches the style of the house.



The wall-mounted pergola allows the regulation of rain, wind and sunlight, through adjustable slats up to 140°, creating a comfortable and welcoming outdoor environment in every season.

Additionally, the structure features LED perimeter lighting to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during the evening hours.


pergola-bioclimatica (2)



To ensure greater privacy and protection from the elements, the customers have chosen to complement the installation with three perimeter closures featuring retractable shade blinds.

The customizable design and features of the bioclimatic pergola offers an elegant and highly functional solution, allowing them to make the most of their outdoor space, transforming it into an oasis of comfort and beauty.


pergola-bioclimatica (3)



We went directly to Andrea and Diletta to know what they think about their bioclimatic pergola and our company:


"We chose a bioclimatic pergola primarily for the versatility of the structure, which allowed us to make the outdoor space more weatherproof (against winds, blinding sun, and rain) while also providing the feeling of an additional room that can be used in every season. The structure also has shading vertical closures, perfect for added privacy.

Girotti has been very professional in guiding us toward the perfect choice for us. We were particularly impressed by receiving various brochures and leaflets that allowed us to carefully evaluate the different solutions, something not everyone does. Furthermore, the care they showed at every stage of the project, from the initial site visit to the renderings of how the structure would look, to the actual execution of the work.

Initially, we were a bit concerned that the structure might be too impactful and not fit well on our terrace. However, we changed our minds because it now seems perfectly designed and built in harmony with the house. We've effectively transformed an area that seemed small and barren into a usable space at any time of the day. We use it a lot, often hosting friends and family for lunch or dinner. Additionally, the integrated LED lighting in the structure is an added feature that allows us to gather in the evening without any issues.

We are very satisfied with the final result and the support we received. That's why we recommend both Girotti and the bioclimatic structure."


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If you are looking for a solution to transform your outdoor space, contact us to discover how we can help make your dream a reality, creating a unique and eco-friendly experience.

Enjoy the outdoor life!



Click here to watch the video of the bioclimatic pergola captured by the drone.